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Home Watch Chicago
Leaving your home for the winter?
Traveling for vacation or business?
Fact: Your home is your most valuable asset.
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Home Watch Chicago
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7637 N. Greenview, Suite 1E • Chicago, IL 60626
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• Inspect perimeter of home
• Check for visible signs of forced entry of windows/doors
• Check for property damage
• Check for rodent/insect infestation
• Check that maintenance services are properly performed
• Remove debris
• Collect mail, flyers and packages
• Start and run motorized vehicles
• And more as needed
• Change HVAC filters
• Run all faucets
• Flush all toilets
• Water plants
• Alternate (open/shut) position of window treatments
• Random light setting adjustments
• Light bulb replacement as needed
• Climate control adjustments
• Inspect for plumbing leaks, water damage or mold
• And more as needed
•Additional Services
• Local contact for deliveries/emergencies
• Snow removal
• Lawn care
• House keeping
• Window washing
• HVAC servicing
• Maintenance and/or repairs
• We tailor our services to your specific needs
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HWC conducts thorough interior and exterior home inspections for absentee owners who require regular on-site home visits for peace of mind and asset protection. Additional services include supervision, maintenance, emergency care, concierge services and anything else needed to properly ensure care of your home. Our services can be tailored to fit your specific needs.
Don't leave your most valuable asset unattended. Let HWC make your transition or time away easier and we'll provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.