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What we do for you?
Home Watch Chicago, an asset protection and management company, performs thorough interior and exterior home inspection for absentee and unoccupied property owners who require regular on-site home visits for peace of mind. Our round the clock service includes security, maintenance, supervision, marketing, emergency contact and anything else that's needed to ensure proper care of your home.
What is an REO?
REO is an acronym for "Real Estate Owned" and is an industry term for foreclosure property repossessed by banks or lenders. If a lender or bank is the highest bidder at a foreclosure auction — or if no third party bids at the auction — the property reverts back to the lender and becomes an REO. REOs are owned by banks. Lenders go to great lengths to sell REOs. For banks, however, bank-owned homes are a liability.
Bank-owned properties are usually sold at below-market prices with great terms like low down payments and low interest rates...
• Bank-owned properties are usually sold at below-market prices with great terms like low down payments and low interest rates.
• Buying bank-owned properties involves less risk and less competition.
• Foreclosures that are owned by banks are usually clear of any liens that may have been recorded against the property.
• Since the seller of REO homes is also the lender, you can negotiate with the bank to have them pay for all or some of the closing costs.
• Bank-owned properties are usually vacant because the banks have evicted the previous owner, saving the investor or homebuyer time, money and emotional toll involved in the eviction process.
What are the advantages of buying bank-owned properties or REO homes?
For real estate investors and homebuyers, bank-owned properties and REOs offer opportunities that are not available in the pre-foreclosure and auction phase of the foreclosure process. Buying bank-owned real estate offers the buyer many advantages:
Did you know?
Locate below-market priced properties today!
Home Watch Chicago
Why You Need a Professional
Your Property is a valuable asset that must be maintained and protected properly to preserve it's infrastruture and value. Leaving a property unattented for an extended period of time can turn out to be an expensive decision should things go wrong in your absense. Leaving your property in the hands of HWC, gives you the confidence that a professional Real Estate Team is there when nneeded. If you're a part-time resident of Chicago, a home owner becoming a landlord or a bank with REO's needing to be sold; HWC is the company that can take care of your Real Estate needs.
• Leaving your home for the winter?
• Traveling for business?
• Relocating?
Don't Leave your most valuable asset unattended. Let HWC make your transition or time away easier and we'll provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Call Home Watch Chicago today for a free consultation...
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